Safeguarding Children and Young People

If someone is harming you there are lots of places you can get help. If something is worrying or making you scared it’s important to talk to someone you trust.

Children and Young People may be hurt by an adult or another young person in many ways. Abuse means being harmed in any of the following ways:

  • Physically (e.g. being hit, kicked, slapped, punched, burnt)
  • Emotionally (e.g. name calling, swearing, criticised all the time, being made to feel unloved or unwanted)
  • Sexually (e.g. being forced to do sexual things that make you uncomfortable)
  • Neglect (not being looked after properly by adults e.g. lack of food, warmth, shelter, clean clothes)

You might be worried about something else so have a look at the links below to see where you can get help and advice.